Monday, April 18, 2016

REGTrak Vol. 81, Issue 74, Monday, April 18, 2016

Notice of Public Availability of FY 2015 Service Contract Inventories and Supplemental Data  
Pages 22586-22587 [FR DOC# 2016-08863]
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation; Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission and Establishing Procedural Schedule for Licensing and Deadline for Submission of Final Amendments  
Pages 22589-22590 [FR DOC# 2016-08861]
Authorizations to Export Liquefied Natural Gas:
SeaOne Gulfport, LLC; Application for Long-Term, Multi-Contract Authorization To Export Natural Gas Contained in Compressed Gas Liquid to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries  
Pages 22585-22586 [FR DOC# 2016-08884]
Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:
Deschutes Valley Water District; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment  
Page 22589 [FR DOC# 2016-08859]
Northern Natural Gas Company; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Planned Northern Lights 2017 Expansion Project, Request for Comments on Environmental Issues  
Pages 22590-22592 [FR DOC# 2016-08862]
Hydroelectric Applications:
Hawks Nest Hydro, LLC; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Motions To Intervene and Protests, Ready for Environmental Analysis, and Soliciting Comments, Recommendations, Preliminary Terms and Conditions, and Preliminary Fishway Prescriptions  
Pages 22587-22588 [FR DOC# 2016-08858]
Preliminary Permit Applications:
Energy Resources USA Inc.; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Competing Applications  
Pages 22588-22589 [FR DOC# 2016-08860]
Technical Memoranda:
Yuba County Water Agency; Notice Soliciting Comments on Final Technical Memoranda  
Page 22589 [FR DOC# 2016-08857]
Energy Conservation Standards:
Appliance Standards and Rulemaking Federal Advisory Committee: Notice of Open Meetings for the Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps (DPPP) Working Group To Negotiate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) for Energy Conservation Standards  
Page 22548 [FR DOC# 2016-08886]
Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products and Certain Commercial and Industrial Equipment:
Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products and Certain Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Determination of Portable Air Conditioners as a Covered Consumer Product  
Pages 22514-22520 [FR DOC# 2016-08891]
Aquatic Life Criteria for Copper and Cadmium in Oregon  
Pages 22555-22566 [FR DOC# 2016-08038]
Protection of Stratospheric Ozone:
Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Proposed New Listings of Substitutes; Changes of Listing Status; and Reinterpretation of Unacceptability for Closed Cell Foam Products Under the Significant New Alternatives Policy Program; and Revision of Clean Air Act Section 608 Venting Prohibition for Propane  
Pages 22809-22909 [FR DOC# 2016-08163]