Thursday, March 20, 2014

REGTrak Vol. 79, Issue 54, Thursday, March 20, 2014

Combined Notice of Filings  
Page 15586 [FR DOC# 2014-06089]
Combined Notice of Filings  
Pages 15586-15587 [FR DOC# 2014-06088]
Notice of Commission Staff Attendance  
Pages 15590-15591 [FR DOC# 2014-06118]
Western Area Power Administration; Notice of Filing  
Page 15587 [FR DOC# 2014-06117]
Hydroelectric Applications:
Grand River Dam Authority; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Motions To Intervene and Protests, Ready for Environmental Analysis, and Soliciting Comments, Recommendations, Preliminary Terms and Conditions, and Preliminary Fishway Prescriptions  
Pages 15587-15588 [FR DOC# 2014-06115]
Notice of Applications Tendered for Filing With the Commission and Soliciting Additional Study Requests: FFP Missouri 16, LLC; FFP Missouri 15, LLC; Solia 8 Hydroelectric, LLC; FFP Missouri 13, LLC; Solia 5 Hydroelectric, LLC; Solia 4 Hydroelectric, LLC  
Pages 15588-15590 [FR DOC# 2014-06116]
Preliminary Permit Applications:
Green Energy Storage Corp.; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions to Intervene, and Competing Applications  
Page 15590 [FR DOC# 2014-06119]
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