Monday, April 27, 2015

REGTrak Vol. 80, Issue 80, Monday, April 27, 2015

Notice of Filing of Self-Certification of Coal Capability Under the Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act  
Pages 23262-23263 [FR DOC# 2015-09708]
Review of Cost Submittals by Other Federal Agencies for Administering Part I of the Federal Power Act; Notice Requesting Questions and Comments on Fiscal Year 2014 Other Federal Agency Cost Submissions  
Page 23265 [FR DOC# 2015-09686]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 23266-23267 [FR DOC# 2015-09663]
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC, KO Transmission Company; Notice of Application  
Pages 23264-23265 [FR DOC# 2015-09688]
Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Merced Irrigation District; Notice of Application for Transfer of License, Approval of Transfer of Project Lands, Substitution of Relicense Applicant, and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests  
Page 23266 [FR DOC# 2015-09690]
Applications to Export Electric Energy:
Application to Export Electric Energy; CWP Energy  
Page 23263 [FR DOC# 2015-09717]
Application To Export Electric Energy; Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation  
Pages 23263-23264 [FR DOC# 2015-09714]
Bonneville Power Administration v. Puget Sound Energy, Inc.; Notice of Complaint  
Page 23269 [FR DOC# 2015-09664]
Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC; Notice of Intent To Prepare a Supplement Environmental Assessment for the Amended Rock Springs Expansion Project and Request for Comments on Environmental Issues  
Pages 23267-23269 [FR DOC# 2015-09689]
Southern California Edison Company; Notice of Filing  
Page 23265 [FR DOC# 2015-09691]
Post-Workshop Comments:
Available Transfer Capability Standards for Wholesale Electric Transmission Services; Supplemental Notice Providing for Post-Workshop Comments  
Pages 23265-23266 [FR DOC# 2015-09662]
Requests under Blanket Authorizations:
Northern Natural Gas Company; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization  
Pages 23269-23270 [FR DOC# 2015-09687]
Notification of a Public Teleconference of the Chartered Science Advisory Board  
Pages 23271-23272 [FR DOC# 2015-09756]
Requests for Nominations:
Request for Nominations of Candidates to the EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB)  
Pages 23270-23271 [FR DOC# 2015-09782]
Air Quality State Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations:
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Arkansas; Prevention of Significant Deterioration; Greenhouse Gas Plantwide Applicability Limit Permitting Revisions  
Pages 23245-23248 [FR DOC# 2015-09729]
Federal Plan Requirements:
Federal Plan Requirements for Sewage Sludge Incineration Units Constructed on or Before October 14, 2010  
Pages 23401-23439 [FR DOC# 2015-08777]