Wednesday, June 17, 2015

REGTrak Vol. 80, Issue 116, Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Records Governing Off-the-Record Communications; Public Notice  
Pages 34628-34629 [FR DOC# 2015-14875]
Notice of Commission Staff Attendance  
Pages 34629-34630 [FR DOC# 2015-14877]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 34630-34631 [FR DOC# 2015-14866]
Combined Notice of Filings  
Pages 34631-34632 [FR DOC# 2015-14893]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 34632-34633 [FR DOC# 2015-14892]
Notice of Public Availability of FY 2014 Service Contract Inventories and Supplemental Data  
Pages 34634-34635 [FR DOC# 2015-14871]
Extension of Public Comment Period for Application for Proposed Project for Clean Line Plains & Eastern Transmission Line  
Pages 34626-34627 [FR DOC# 2015-14918]
Notice of Complaint  
Page 34631 [FR DOC# 2015-14895]
Initial Market-Based Rate Filings Including Requests for Blanket Section 204 Authorizations:
Eden Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request for Blanket Section 204 Authorization  
Page 34629 [FR DOC# 2015-14869]
License Exemption Applications:
Riverdale Power and Electric Company, Inc.; Notice Soliciting Applications  
Pages 34633-34634 [FR DOC# 2015-14873]
Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee  
Page 34625 [FR DOC# 2015-14897]
Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Portsmouth  
Pages 34625-34626 [FR DOC# 2015-14901]
Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee  
Page 34626 [FR DOC# 2015-14900]
Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee  
Page 34627 [FR DOC# 2015-14898]
Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee  
Pages 34627-34628 [FR DOC# 2015-14899]
Old Harbor Hydroelectric Project; Notice of Meetings  
Page 34629 [FR DOC# 2015-14874]
Notice of Commission Staff Attendance  
Page 34632 [FR DOC# 2015-14870]
Proceeding and Refund Effective Dates:
Duke Energy Corporation, Duke Energy Commercial Asset Management, Inc., and Duke Energy Lee II, LLC v. PJM Interconnection, L.L.C., and PJM Settlement, Inc.; PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.; Notice of Institution of Section 206 Proceeding and Refund Effective Date  
Page 34632 [FR DOC# 2015-14894]
Proposed Restricted Service Lists:
Georgia Power Company; Notice of Proposed Restricted Service List for a Programmatic Agreement  
Pages 34635-34636 [FR DOC# 2015-14872]
Requests under Blanket Authorizations:
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization  
Page 34634 [FR DOC# 2015-14867]
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization  
Page 34635 [FR DOC# 2015-14868]
Receipt of Test Data Under the Toxic Substances Control Act  
Pages 34636-34637 [FR DOC# 2015-14748]
Availability of Health Effects Support Documents and Drinking Water Health Advisories for Cyanobacterial Toxins; and a Support Document Containing Recommendations for Managing Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water  
Pages 34637-34638 [FR DOC# 2015-14936]
Draft Test Guidelines:
Draft Test Guidelines; Series 810-Product Performance Test Guidelines; Notice of Availability and Request for Comments  
Pages 34638-34639 [FR DOC# 2015-14955]
Notice of a Public Meeting: The National Drinking Water Advisory Council (NDWAC) Lead and Copper Rule Working Group Meeting  
Page 34636 [FR DOC# 2015-14938]
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans  
Page 34538 [FR DOC# 2015-14652]