Wednesday, September 24, 2014

REGTrak Vol. 79, Issue 185, Wednesday, September 24, 2014

California Independent System Operator Corporation, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc., New York Independent System Operator, Inc. , Southwest Power Pool, Inc.; Notice of FERC Staff Attendance  
Page 57076 [FR DOC# 2014-22643]
Notice of Commission Staff Attendance  
Page 57076 [FR DOC# 2014-22650]
Gulf Coast Synthetic Energy Center, LLC; Notice of Application  
Pages 57072-57073 [FR DOC# 2014-22649]
Designations Of Commission Staff as Non-Decisional:
Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP; Notice of Designation of Commission Staff as Non-Decisional  
Page 57073 [FR DOC# 2014-22646]
Hydroelectric Applications:
San Diego County Water Authority; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests  
Pages 57073-57074 [FR DOC# 2014-22651]
Joint Technical Conference on New York Markets & Infrastructure; Notice of Joint Technical Conference  
Page 57074 [FR DOC# 2014-22645]
Preliminary Permit Applications:
New England Hydropower Company, LLC; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Competing Applications  
Pages 57074-57075 [FR DOC# 2014-22648]
New England Hydropower Company, LLC; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Competing Applications  
Page 57075 [FR DOC# 2014-22644]
Proceedings and Refund Effective Dates:
ISO New England Inc.; Notice of Initiation of Proceeding and Refund Effective Date  
Page 57075 [FR DOC# 2014-22647]
Standards for Business Practices and Communication Protocols for Public Utilities  
Pages 56939-56955 [FR DOC# 2014-22601]
Registration Review Final and Interim Decisions; Notice of Availability  
Pages 57090-57092 [FR DOC# 2014-22740]
Registration Review; Pesticide Dockets Opened for Review and Comment  
Pages 57092-57095 [FR DOC# 2014-22747]
Cancellation Orders for Amendments to Terminate Uses:
Pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB); Cancellation Order for Amendments To Terminate Uses  
Pages 57076-57077 [FR DOC# 2014-22748]
Cross-Media Electronic Reporting:
Cross-Media Electronic Reporting: Authorized Program Revision Approval, State of New York  
Pages 57077-57078 [FR DOC# 2014-22750]
National and Governmental Advisory Committees to the U.S. Representative to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation  
Page 57078 [FR DOC# 2014-22751]
Meetings of the Local Government Advisory Committee and the Small Communities Advisory Subcommittee (SCAS)  
Page 57079 [FR DOC# 2014-22761]
Modifications of Land-Ban Exemptions; Approvals:
Final Decision To Grant Warner-Lambert Company a Modification of Its Land-Ban Exemption  
Page 57079 [FR DOC# 2014-22735]
Pesticide Chemicals:
Pesticide Chemicals; Registration Review; Draft Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment; Notice of Availability  
Pages 57080-57081 [FR DOC# 2014-22584]
Pesticide Emergency Exemptions:
Pesticide Emergency Exemptions; Agency Decisions and State and Federal Agency Crisis Declarations  
Pages 57081-57084 [FR DOC# 2014-22746]
Pesticide Registrations:
Registration Review Proposed Interim Decision; Notice of Availability  
Pages 57084-57087 [FR DOC# 2014-22739]
Product Cancellation Order for Certain Pesticide Registrations  
Pages 57087-57089 [FR DOC# 2014-22579]
Product Cancellation Order for Certain Pesticide Registrations; Correction  
Pages 57089-57090 [FR DOC# 2014-22583]
Air Quality State Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations:
Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes; State of Arizona; Pinal County and Gila County; Pb; Correction  
Pages 56962-56963 [FR DOC# 2014-22738]
Pesticide Tolerances:
Fluensulfone; Pesticide Tolerances  
Pages 56963-56968 [FR DOC# 2014-22466]