Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Environmental Federal Register, Vol. 76, Issue 193, Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Federal Register
Vol. 76, Issue 193
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
There are 11 announcements in this issue
    1. TOXICS - FR. EPA. Isopyrazam; Pesticide Tolerances PDF | Text |
    2. TOXICS - FR. EPA. Prothioconazole; Pesticide Tolerances PDF | Text |
    3. TOXICS - FRD. EPA. Significant New Use Rules on Certain Chemical Substances PDF | Text |
    4. TOXICS - PR/Petitions. EPA. Receipt of Several Pesticide Petitions Filed for Residues of Pesticide Chemicals in or on Various Commodities PDF | Text |
    5. ALL - NM. EPA. Meeting of the Local Government Advisory Committee PDF | Text |
    6. ENERGY/OilSpill - ND. EPA. Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy (Preliminary) PDF | Text
    7. TOXICS - ND. EPA. Certain New Chemicals; Receipt and Status Information PDF | Text |
    8. TOXICS - ND. EPA. Fenamiphos; Amendment To Use Deletion and Product Cancellation Order PDF | Text |
    9. TOXICS - ICR. EPA. Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to OMB for Review and Approval; Comment Request; Worker Protection Standard Training and Notification PDF | Text |
  10. WILDLIFE - PR/NM. DOI/FWS. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Removal of the Gray Wolf in Wyoming From the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Removal of the Wyoming Wolf Population's Status as an
Experimental Population
PDF | Text
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Senate Hearing On Nutrient Reduction Approaches
Maryland Man Sells $9 Million In Phony Renewable Fuel Credits
Raritan Baykeeper v. NL Industries, Inc.