Monday, September 8, 2014

REGTrak Vol. 79, Issue 173, Monday, September 8, 2014

Commission Information Collection Activities (Ferc-725y); Comment Request  
Pages 53176-53178 [FR DOC# 2014-21207]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 53179-53180 [FR DOC# 2014-21302]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 53180-53181 [FR DOC# 2014-21303]
Combined Notice of Filings #2  
Page 53181 [FR DOC# 2014-21304]
Ozark Gas Transmission, LLC; Notice of Application  
Pages 53178-53179 [FR DOC# 2014-21310]
Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:
Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Planned North Main Lines Relocation Project, Request for Comments on Environmental Issues, and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting  
Pages 53181-53184 [FR DOC# 2014-21313]
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC; Notice of Availability of the Environmental Assessment for the Proposed East Side Expansion Project  
Pages 53186-53187 [FR DOC# 2014-21205]
License Applications:
City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Department: Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests  
Pages 53187-53188 [FR DOC# 2014-21204]
Southwest Power Pool, Inc.; Supplemental Notice of Technical Conference  
Pages 53188-53189 [FR DOC# 2014-21203]
Refund Effective Dates:
PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.; Notice of Institution of Section 206 Proceeding and Refund Effective Date  
Page 53189 [FR DOC# 2014-21301]
Requests under Blanket Authorization:
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization  
Pages 53189-53190 [FR DOC# 2014-21312]
ANR Pipeline Company; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization  
Page 53190 [FR DOC# 2014-21311]
Release of Final Documents Related to the Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone  
Page 53192 [FR DOC# 2014-21297]
Proposed Consent Decree, Clean Air Act Citizen Suit  
Pages 53193-53194 [FR DOC# 2014-21295]
Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:
Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles  
Pages 53190-53191 [FR DOC# 2014-21307]
Charter Renewals:
EPA Board of Scientific Counselors Advisory Board; Notice of Charter Renewal  
Page 53192 [FR DOC# 2014-21298]
Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC): Notice of Meeting  
Pages 53192-53193 [FR DOC# 2014-21299]
Meeting of the Environmental Financial Advisory Board-Public Notice  
Page 53193 [FR DOC# 2014-21293]
Proposed Settlements under CERCLA:
Proposed Settlement Pursuant Sections 106 and 122 of CERCLA Relating to the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York  
Pages 53194-53195 [FR DOC# 2014-21291]