Thursday, September 24, 2015

REGTrak Vol. 80, Issue 185, Thursday, September 24, 2015

Combined Notice of Filings #2  
Page 57599 [FR DOC# 2015-24239]
Combined Notice of Filings #1  
Pages 57602-57603 [FR DOC# 2015-24238]
South Carolina Electric and Gas Company; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests  
Pages 57600-57601 [FR DOC# 2015-24242]
Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Notice of Application Accepted for Filing, Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests  
Pages 57601-57602 [FR DOC# 2015-24243]
Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC; TransCameron Pipeline, LLC: Notice of Applications  
Pages 57604-57605 [FR DOC# 2015-24240]
Southeastern Power Administration; Notice of Filing  
Pages 57599-57600 [FR DOC# 2015-24241]
License Applications:
City of Gonzales, Texas; Notice of Intent to File License Application, Filing of Pre-Application Document (PAD), Commencement of Pre-Filing Process, and Scoping; Request for Comments on the PAD and Scoping Document, and Identification of Issues and Associated Study Requests  
Pages 57603-57604 [FR DOC# 2015-24244]
Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories  
Pages 57597-57598 [FR DOC# 2015-24285]
DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee; Notice of Open Meeting  
Page 57598 [FR DOC# 2015-24284]
Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Northern New Mexico  
Pages 57598-57599 [FR DOC# 2015-24277]
Relay Performance During Stable Power Swings Reliability Standard  
Pages 57549-57553 [FR DOC# 2015-24279]
Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards  
Pages 57509-57512 [FR DOC# 2015-24276]
Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relaying Maintenance Reliability Standard  
Pages 57526-57531 [FR DOC# 2015-24280]
Extension of Request for Scientific Views on the Draft Aquatic Life Ambient Water Quality Criterion for Selenium-Freshwater 2015  
Page 57605 [FR DOC# 2015-24310]
Delegation of Authority to the State of West Virginia To Implement and Enforce Additional or Revised National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants and New Source Performance Standards  
Pages 57609-57610 [FR DOC# 2015-24192]
Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:
Proposed Information Collection Request; Comment Request; Safe Drinking Water Act State Revolving Fund Program  
Pages 57605-57607 [FR DOC# 2015-24198]
Human Studies Review Board; Notification of a Public Meetings  
Pages 57607-57608 [FR DOC# 2015-24342]
Board of Scientific Counselors Homeland Security Subcommittee; Notification of Public Teleconference Meeting and Public Comment  
Pages 57608-57609 [FR DOC# 2015-24307]
Air Quality State Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations:
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Georgia; Removal of Clean Fuel Fleet Program  
Pages 57537-57538 [FR DOC# 2015-24094]
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Florida Infrastructure Requirements for the 2008 Lead NAAQS  
Pages 57538-57540 [FR DOC# 2015-24088]
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; South Carolina; Infrastructure Requirements for the 2008 Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standards  
Pages 57540-57542 [FR DOC# 2015-24096]