Tuesday, June 16, 2015

REGTrak Vol. 80, Issue 115, Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Notice of Commision Staff Attendance  
Page 34400 [FR DOC# 2015-14736]
Sunshine Act Meeting Notice  
Pages 34400-34401 [FR DOC# 2015-14876]
Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company; Notice of Application for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity  
Page 34402 [FR DOC# 2015-14739]
Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC; Notice of Application  
Pages 34402-34403 [FR DOC# 2015-14740]
Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. v. Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.; Notice of Complaint  
Page 34395 [FR DOC# 2015-14743]
Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Susquehanna West Project and Request for Comments on Environmental Issues  
Pages 34397-34399 [FR DOC# 2015-14738]
The City of Alexandria, Louisiana; Notice of Filing  
Page 34400 [FR DOC# 2015-14741]
Initial Market-Based Rate Filings Including Requests for Blanket Section 204 Authorizations:
Adelanto Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request for Blanket Section 204 Authorization  
Pages 34395-34396 [FR DOC# 2015-14744]
Buckeye Wind Energy LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request for Blanket Section 204 Authorization  
Pages 34399-34400 [FR DOC# 2015-14746]
International Energy Agency Meetings  
Pages 34394-34395 [FR DOC# 2015-14775]
Notice of Technical Meeting; FFP Missouri 2, LLC  
Page 34395 [FR DOC# 2015-14812]
Zydeco Pipeline Company, LLC; Notice of Informal Settlement Conference  
Page 34397 [FR DOC# 2015-14747]
Petitions for Declaratory Orders:
Grid Assurance LLC; Notice of Petition for Declaratory Order  
Page 34396 [FR DOC# 2015-14742]
Qualifying Conduit Hydropower Facilities:
City of Adak, Alaska; Notice of Preliminary Determination of a Qualifying Conduit Hydropower Facility and Soliciting Comments and Motions To Intervene  
Pages 34396-34397 [FR DOC# 2015-14745]
Final National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges From Industrial Activities  
Pages 34403-34407 [FR DOC# 2015-14792]
Pesticide Maintenance Fee; Notice of Receipt of Requests to Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide Registrations  
Pages 34408-34414 [FR DOC# 2015-14674]
Clean Air Act Operating Permit Program:
Clean Air Act Operating Permit Program; Petition for Objection to State Operating Permit for Valero Refining-Meraux, LLC in Louisiana  
Pages 34407-34408 [FR DOC# 2015-14790]