Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Environmental Federal Register, Vol. 77, Issue 45, Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Federal Register
Vol. 77, Issue 45
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
There are 8 announcements in this issue
    1. TOXICS - FR. EPA. Pyriofenone; Pesticide Tolerances PDF | Text |
    2. TOXICS - FR/Correction. EPA. Modification of Significant New Uses of Tris Carbamoyl Triazine; Technical Correction PDF | Text |
    3. TOXICS - FR/Order. EPA. Fenamiphos; Data Call-in Order for Pesticide Tolerances PDF | Text |
    4. TOXICS - ND. EPA. Certain New Chemicals; Receipt and Status Information
PDF | Text |
    5. WATER - ND. EPA. Notice of Proposed NPDES General Permit; Proposed NPDES General Permit for New and Existing Sources and New Dischargers in the Offshore Subcategory of the Oil and Gas Extraction Category for the Western Portion of the Outer Continental Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico (GMG290000) PDF | Text |
    6. TOXICS - ND. EPA. Pesticide Products; Receipt of Applications To Register New Uses PDF | Text |
    7. ENERGY/Efficiency - FR. DOE. Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedures for Residential Clothes Washers PDF | Text |
    8. AGRICULTURE, LAND - NF. USDA. Funding for the Conservation Loan Program; Farm Loan Programs PDF | Text |
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