Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Environmental Federal Register, Vol. 72, No. 218, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Federal Register

Vol. 72, No. 218

There are 9 announcements in this issue
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1. AIR - PR. EPA. Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Nonattainment New Source Review (NSR): Reconsideration of Inclusion of Fugitive Emissions

2. WATER - ICR. EPA. Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to OMB for Review and Approval; Comment Request; Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative (SDSI) Program; EPA ICR No. 2261.01, OMB No. 2070-NEW

3. DRINK - NM. EPA. Meeting of the Total Coliform Rule Distribution System Advisory Committee--Notice of Public Meeting

4. WILDLIFE - ND. DOC/NOAA. Nominations for the 2008 Annual Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Awards

5. WILDLIFE - ND. DOC/NOAA. Stock Assessment of Small Coastal Sharks in the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

6. TRANSPORT - NF. DOT/Office of the Secretary of Transportation. Solicitation of Applications for Funding of Congestion-Reduction Demonstration Initiatives

7. TRANSPORT - NM. DOT. ITS Joint Program Office; Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting

8. TOXICS - NM. VA. Veterans' Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards; Notice of Meeting

9. ENERGY - NM. DOE/Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee